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Do you need a Will?

Do you have a Will? Do you need a Will in your particular situation? The questions below will help you consider some of the reasons why people should have a Will:

  • Do you have dependent children? A Will enables you to designate who would care for your dependent children if you die while they are still under the age of 19. That is particularly important for single parents or blended families where the provisions of law may not be exactly what you wish. If you do not appoint guardians in your will, the decision may be made later by someone else through the Court system, contrary to what you may have wished.
  • Do you own real estate? If you share ownership of your home with your family members, it is important to understand how you own your property. There are various ways how shared ownership can be structured; that structure impacts what happens to the ownership of your home when you die. Your Notary can do a title search for you and discuss the various options available to ensure your wishes are possible and your Will is clear.
  • Are you separated, divorced, or living in a common law relationship? Creating a Will and ensuring all your documents are up to date are very important for the many people whose relationship status has changed. It will ensure that your assets are divided or assigned as you currently wish them to be.
  • Do you want more peace of mind? Life is stressful enough. Creating a Will gives you and your family members peace of mind that your assets will go to those you love and your wishes will be followed. For most people, creating a Will takes only 1 or 2 or 3 short visits with your Notary and provides for the people you love.