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Property Transfers

Real Estate Conveyance

A Notary’s involvement in a standard real estate transfer file includes the following services, subject to the specifics of a purchase, sale, refinance or other type of real estate conveyance:

  • Reviewing the Contract of Purchase and Sale;
  • Searching title;
  • Identifying and confirming with you the charges that are your responsibility to discharge;
  • Obtaining and reviewing municipal tax information specific to the property;
  • Preparing or obtaining transfer and mortgage documents to be registered in the Land Title Office;
  • Requesting payout statements from the Lenders;
  • Reviewing payout statements upon receipt from the Lenders;
  • Receiving, reviewing, and revising as necessary the sale/purchase documents from the Buyer’s/Vendor’s legal representative;
  • Preparing supporting documents;
  • Attending to or arranging for execution of sale/purchase and supporting documents;
  • Negotiating appropriate closing undertakings with solicitor/notary for Buyer/Seller;
  • Making inquiries as to the residency status of the Seller pursuant to the Income Tax Acts as required;
  • Receiving and accounting for trust funds;
  • Attending to registration of relevant documents at the Land Title Office;
  • Providing your Lender with its requested security documents;
  • Providing your Lenders with payout proceeds and discharge forms;
  • Disbursing trust funds;
  • Registering discharges received from the Lenders;
  • Reporting and providing you with a final State of Title Certificate, if applicable.

Identification requirements

We are required to confirm and keep a record of the existence and identity of every individual, corporation, or entity on whose behalf we conduct a financial transaction. In order to comply with our obligations, we must review original identification documents and keep copies for a minimum of 5 years. Valid identification means government issued picture identification: your Provincial Driver’s License or government issued identification; a permanent resident card or a passport. To fully satisfy the requirements, we may ask you for additional information to verify your identity.
We value your privacy and will keep and release your personal information only as required by law or in accordance with our Privacy Policy.