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Last Will and Testament: when was the last time you updated your Will?

Many of us procrastinate over preparing a Will. Then, when we finally do it, we put it away in a safety deposit box and do not give it another thought.

As any BC Notary will tell you, it is wise to consider — on a regular basis — whether you need to update your Will. Key life events or changes might make it prudent or necessary to modify the document.

When was the last time you updated your Will? A Yes answer to even one of the following questions can make your Will out of date.

  • Marriage or divorce in the family?
  • Birth or death in the family?
  • Have you bought, sold, or rented real estate?
  • Have you loaned money to someone?
  • Is the person you appointed as executor no longer able to perform that role?

If any of these have taken place, your will is or may be out of date.  For guidance and assistance in updating your will, please feel free to contact our office.