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Travel letters for Minors – updated requirements for Mexico

Recent media coverage indicates Mexican officials have turned away at least three families from travel to Mexico because of the following new policy. With the Festive Season and winter vacations fast approaching, it is likely to be an issue for many clients.

As of November 9, 2012, minors (under 18) travelling to Mexico alone or accompanied by a third party of legal age (grandparent, aunt/uncle, other) must present a valid passport AND a document showing the consent of both parents or those with parental authority or guardianship over the minor

If the document is issued in Canada, it must be notarized then legalized by the Mexican Consulate or Embassy. As well, the document must be translated into Spanish.

The document must contain the parents’ express authorization for the minor to travel alone or, if applicable, information on the accompanying adult who is authorized to be responsible for the minor during the trip.

The document must state the purpose and length of the trip and specify the dates of entry and departure. That will be a requirement for allowing the minor to leave Mexican territory.

Minors travelling with at least one of their parents do not require any authorization at all.

The document does not need a Form 10, and does not need a Certificate of Good Standing.

When the Mexican consulate receives the documentation, they will be checking the Society’s website.

This website contains information from the Embassy of Mexico in Canada.

Note: The above is a requirement from the Mexican government, not the airlines.

Airlines may have a different policy or procedure. Please contact your specific airline directly.